Elite Equestrian Drill Team

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I have been on the team since 2010. I love drill team because it has allowed me to have a second family with girls that have the same passion as I do. Drill team has allowed me to create an unexplainable level of trust and bond between my horse and me. I have been lucky enough to have used four of my horses for performing. Carrying the lighted American Flag for our lighted performances is my favorite drill team memory to date.  


I have been on the team since 2009. My favorite thing about drill team is all the friendships that I have made over the years and the traveling I have gotten to do. I am most proud of our performance at the Great Lakes Circuit Rodeo Finals in Louisville, Kentucky. My horse, Misty, is a foal that I raised out of my first drill team horse. My favorite thing about her is how excited she gets going into the arena before we perform!


I am the oldest member of the team and have been on the team since 2006. I have used three different horses to perform with throughout the years, making them all very versatile. I love traveling and performing for all different crowds over the US. When I am not participating in drill team, I love to rodeo. My current drill team horse, Corona, loves every horse on the team. 


I have been on the team since 2015, although I have been riding since I was 3. I am currently attending DMACC to get my RN. My first every drill team performance was a lighted routine in Louisville, Kentucky, after only a few short months of practice! My drill team horse, Gopher, is an ex-reiner who loves to swim!


                                                                                                                                                      I have been on the team since 2013. I love being apart of the team because we get a lot of team bonding and we grow closer with our horses with all the traveling we get to do. Traveling with the Worlds Toughest Rodeo has been my favorite venue yet because it really showed us how the rodeo industry worked behind the scenes.  My horse, Misty,  requires shoes at all times because she has a crack in her hoof, but that doesn't slow her down any!


I am a freshman at Gilbert High School and I joined the team July of 2019. My favorite thing about drill team is traveling to new places and learning new things about my horse. Sahara, my mare, is a buckskin dun that has a large personality. She absolutely loves performing and always enjoys meeting new people. Unlike many other horses, she is a very picky eater so she has a special diet. 


I have been apart of the team since July of 2019. I was really excited to try something new and joining this team was the perfect opportunity! I think of the team as a second family and I love being around all of them. My favorite performance so far has been the lighted performance at the Boone rodeo. My drill team horse, Rascal, makes everyone laugh when he sticks his tongue out after he drinks water! 


I joined the team in 2019. I look forward to my first drill team performance coming up this spring! 


I joined the drill team in 2019. My favorite thing about drill team is the people on the team and constantly building friendships. My favorite performance so far has been the Drakesville rodeo. A fun fact about my horse, Annie, is that she can do hunter hack.